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  1. Ashura - Shaykh Abd-al-Hakim Murad
  2. Syria Yemen Najd: The Triangle of Akhirou Zaman By Sheikh Imran Hosein
  3. Sunni and Shiites: Bridging the Divide - Al Azhar - Shaykh Ahmed Al-Tayyeb
  4. Jihad Decontextualised Between Imperialists and Radicalists - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  5. Wisdoms attributed to al-Imam `Ali ibn abi Talib ( عليه السلام ) - Creation, Mankind, End times and Return to Allah
  6. How Do We Respond To Those Who Deny The Return Of Isa Based On This Verse, and about his crucifixtion and death 4:157- al-Imam Muhammad Saïd Ramadhan al-Bouti
  7. Medina in the Bible - By Esam Mudeer, researcher in comparative religions from Mecca. Member of Society of Saudi Geographers (2012)
  8. Refuting "Mufti Abu Layth" on Sahih Bukhari - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid (September 2018)
  9. al-Imam Ja'far al Sadiq - by Shaykh `Ali Gomaa
  10. The Secular Mindset - Mahdi Lock & Al-Hajj Abu Ja'far al-Hanbali
  11. Losing Their Religion : How to Grapple with Postmodernism - Ustadh Dr. Ali Ataie
  12. Islam in five sentences - al-Imam Muhammad Saïd Ramadhan al-Bouti رحمه الله
  13. Rumi's beautiful poetry on futuwwa and the patience of Imam Ali, the lion of Allah عليه السلام
  14. "In Search of Ali ibn Abi Talib’s Codex" by Seyfeddin Kara
  15. The Key to Happiness in Two Minutes - al-Imam Muhammad Saïd Ramadhan al-Bouti
  16. Bridging the gap : Imam Shafi’i and the Ahlul Bayt
  17. The Approach to Human Civilization in the Qur'an - al-Imam Muhammad Saïd Ramadhan al-Bouti
  18. An Introduction to Kalam: (Islamic Theology) - Dar al-Ifta Egypt ( Al-Azhar )
  19. Wisdoms attributed to al-Imam `Ali ibn abi Talib ( عليه السلام ) - On the life of this world
  20. Wisdoms attributed to al-Imam `Ali ibn abi Talib - Description Of The Righteous - Imam Zaid Shakir
  21. Wisdoms attributed to al-Imam `Ali ibn abi Talib ( عليه السلام ) - Praising Allah & Reflections on Creation, The Bat
  22. Ali ibn Abi Talib رضي الله عنه | The Firsts Series by Shaykh Omar Suleiman
  23. Forced Mariages
  24. Divorce : Its Types, Forced Marriages & Choosing A Suitable Spouse [Lesson 1 of 2] - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  25. Translation of Al-Qawl al-jaliyy fi fada’il ‘Ali (The Clear Statements on the Merits of Ali) عليه السلام - al-Suyuti
  26. Translation of "Ihya-Il Mayyit Be Fazaile Ahlul Bayt" - The Dead Become Alive By Grace of the Holy Five (Ahl-ul Bayt) عليهم السلام
  27. Qur'an dajjal & the Jasad By Sheikh Imran Hosein
  28. Commemorating the Life of Sayyidatuna Fatimah al-Zahra - Ba `Alawi Ahl-ul-Bayt of Yemen
  29. Struggling With Wrongdoing - Shaykh Al Habib `Umar bin Hafidh
  30. The Corona Virus and Akhir al-Zaman by Sheik Imran N. Hosein
  31. Refutation of : The Prophet Muhammad Was a Sex Addict
  32. Wisdoms attributed to al-Imam `Ali ibn abi Talib - Within You Is Enfolded The Entire Universe
  33. Allah's Plan
  34. Mind Blowing Prophecies of Muhammad ﷺ
  35. History of medicine : Ibn al-Nafis (1213-1288 CE) - A great physician and theologian (epidemiology, pulmonary circulation, surgery, physiology, anatomy,biology)