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  1. The Prophetic Handshake from Hadith Musalsal - Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad from Shaykh Muhammad ibn 'Alawi al-Maliki ( Rahimahullah )
  2. Cosmology, Epistemology, Methodology : Back to Basics with Dr. Shadee Elmasry
  3. Quran’ic Exegesis of al-Ikhlas as a Corrective of Trinitarian Theo-Christology by Ali Ataie
  4. Allah - by Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi Speech At Gateway ( 2013 )
  5. Is God Allah ? What does Allah mean? What did Jesus ('alayhi as-salam) call God ? - by Dr Ali Ataie
  6. The Last Trump Card, Islam and the Supersession of Other Faiths - Tim Winter, Abdul Hakim Murad - From Studies in Interrreligious Dialogue (1999)
  7. The Only Living Sahabi
  8. Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Muhammad At-Tawil (rahimahullah) - (Marja' of North Affrica)
  9. Etiquettes of the Masjid - By Imam Muhammad at-Ta'weel, may Allah have mercy on him, Maliki faqeeh and authority (marja') of Morocco
  10. The Special Characteristics of the Maliki Madhhab – Shaykh Muhammad al-Ta’wil
  11. A Yemeni Jewish King's letter to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  12. Sayyiduna Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari (radhiAllahu 'anhu)
  13. Knowledge Before Singing - Essential Attributes Of Prophets - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  14. Finality of Prophethood is a Tenet of Faith - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  15. Tawheed Seminar - Risalah fi al-Tawhid - of al Imam al-Bajuri (Rahimahullah) - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  16. Basic Belief - The Seekers Aid - of al Imam `Abdulghani al-Ghunaymi (Rahimahullah) - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  17. 50 Obligatory Beliefs for a Muslim - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  18. Is it permitted to recite durood Sharif that are not narrated from hadith?
  19. Answering Atheism - University of Manchester - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  20. The Descent (Return) of Prophet Isa (Jesus peace be upon him) - An Essential Sunni Creed - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  21. Islam, Communism and Cultural Marxism (Postmodernism) - Mahdi Lock (Translator in english of Imam al-Bouti works rahimahullah)
  22. Values, self and humanity - Postmodern ontological challenges - SHAYKH DR. FARUQ ABD-ALLAH - Islamic & Strategic Studies Institute ISSI Malaysia
  23. Truth, knowledge and reality- Postmodern epistemological challenges - Shaykh Dr Saeed Foudeh - Islamic & Strategic Studies Institute ISSI Malaysia
  24. Are the Nafs (soul) and the Rūḥ (spirit) the Same or Not ? - Imam Jalāl ad-Dīn as-Suyūṭī, may Allah have mercy on him
  25. Mental Illness (note : the subject is psychiatry not neurology) - Imam Muḥammad Saʿīd Ramaḍān al-Būṭī
  26. Cambridge Muslim College (Found. Shaykh Abd al Hakim Murad) - Science & Religion Conference: What is Consciousness and Why Observers Matter in Quantum Theory
  27. al-Isra Wal Mi'raj - The Night Journey & Ascension - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  28. Commemorating Isra’ and Mi`raj - al-Habib Umar bin Hafidh
  29. Progressive Islam Movements and traditionnal Islam, (critic of new reformists), issues of Usul-al-fiqh and Fitra - Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad
  30. There was not Black "contribution" to Islam ... (title perhaps intentionally provocative) - Muhammad Nizami
  31. Islam in Africa, conversion or coercion - Interview with Shaykh Muhammad Shareef
  32. The History of Islam in Africa - By Sulayman Nyang
  33. The Muslim Influence on Europe and the West - Shaykh Abd al Hakim Murad
  34. 13 Centuries of Islamic History : Week 1; 41AH-60AH - Sheikh Abu Ja'far Al-Hanbali
  35. 13 Centuries of Islamic History : Week 2; 61AH-136AH - Sheikh Abu Ja'far Al-Hanbali
  36. "The Challenges of Mental Illness in British Muslim Communities" by Dr Asim Yusuf
  37. Islam in China - A Visit to Guangzhou
  38. DEBATE in UK : Fajr Timing in Summer - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid & Ustadh Atabek Shukurov
  39. Technology : The New Polytheism ? - ImanWire & Mohamed Ghilan
  40. Scientific proof for the correct sehri times - Shaykh Mawlana Shabbir Sialvi
  41. On Love of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ~ Mohamed Ghillan (en Anglais)
  42. Israel, Prophecy & End Days In The Qur'an - Shaykh Asrar Rashid
  43. Book review by Shaikh al-Hajj Abu Ja`far al-Hanbali : Mashiach, The Principle of Mashiach and the Messianic Era in Jewish Law and Tradition, Rabbi J.I. Schochet
  44. Sayyiduna `Isa ( `alayhi as-salam ) in Islam - Shaikh Abu Ja`far al-Hanbali
  45. Sermon on the Islamic perspective of the Christian doctrine of the Crucifixion of Christ - Dr Umar Faruq Abdullah
  46. The erudite Imam Al Bouti explain to us whether Sayyiduna 'Issa ('alayhi as-salam) is dead or Alive and his return (arabic/english)
  47. Shaykh Salek bin Siddina āl-Māliki Discusses the Return ofʿĪsā (AS) (arabic/english)
  48. Imam Malik's View on the Return of Isa (AS)
  49. Imam Malik's View on Al-Masih al-Dajjal
  50. Qadianism (Ahmadiyya Sect) - A British plot, among many, for the destruction of Islam - The martyred Imam Al Bouti, may Allah award him with the Ferdous