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  1. The Superiority of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr as-Siddiq - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  2. Shia Fundamentals Critiqued Objectively - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  3. Caliphate in the Modern World - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid
  4. Ghadir Khum "Man Kuntu Maula"
  5. Ahl al-bayt for the average muslim
  6. Joy and Sadness for Sayyiduna al-Husayn, peace be upon him (arabic/english)
  7. Monotheism Among "Primitive" Peoples - Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah
  8. Primitive "Monotheism" Ancients Egyptians, Beowulf ... - Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah
  9. "Protestant" Islam ( Theme of "Authority in Islam" & sedition )
  10. How can we apply the Modern Historical Method to the Gospels and to the Quran - Orfan Rabbat & Omar Rabbat
  11. Allah exists without a place - Abdulwahid Warsame
  12. History - Origins of the Shia - by brother Hani
  13. Mutawatir hadith - At a minbar (Kufa), al-Caliph `Ali ibn abi Talib praise Abu Bakr as-Siddiq & Umar ibn al Khattab against those who slanders them
  14. The prophecy of The Sun Rising From the West - Mindblowing Cosmological Event
  15. Reductionism ( a dajjalic cognitive frame ) - Dr. Umar Faruq Abdullah
  16. Qur'an Textual history - Can we trust the Qur'an - Ijaz Ahmad & Jay Smith Dishonest claims - 2018
  17. The Remarkable Structure of the Qur'an - By "Many Prophets One Message"
  18. The Qur'an as a Multiform Oral Text & The Utility of Early Manuscripts - Professor Yasin Dutton 2018
  19. Adam and Jesus - Qur'an structure and maths - Binimad
  20. Adam and Jesus - Qur'an structure and maths - Shaykh Bassam Jarrar
  21. Stories of the Prophets : Bible vs. Qur'an (Differences)
  22. History's most famous code cracked by a muslim !! (the egyptian hieroglyphs decoded before Champollion)
  23. Historian Miracle of Quran - The name/word "Pharaoh"
  24. Historian Miracle of Quran - Secrets of pyramids
  25. Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Reveals Mystery Behind Qur'an - Haman
  26. Dynamic Space & Gravity - Gravitational Waves (Miracle of Quran)
  28. Anthropological Synopsis of Skin Color Regarding Moses, and Some Companions (Dark and black skin)
  29. The Issue of Bondmaids in Islam - al Imam Muhammad Sa`id Ramadan al-Buti
  30. Islam and enslavement - al Imam Muhammad Sa`id Ramadan al-Buti
  31. For the rest of my life... the most amazing song of the fabulous Maher Zain!
  32. You cannot change magically your identity...
  33. The Mystery of Eyes - Lie Detection (Qur'an Miracle)
  34. The Māliki Madhab - Its Scholars & Books - ʿAllāmah Muhammad āl-Didu
  35. The Many Transmissions of the Muwaṭṭa of Imam Mālik ibn Anas - Shaykh Sa'id āl-Kamali āl-Māliki
  36. A Superb Answer to a Complicated Objection on Free Will - al-Imam Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti
  37. How the British Empire Deceived Islamic Scholars & Laymen Alike - Al-Imam Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti
  38. Lord Cromer on the British Colonial project for Egypt - By Abdullah al Andalusi - 2013
  39. Philosophers Vs Qur'an - Beyond the atom -
  40. The Qur'an about Honey Bees
  41. Islamic Sacred Relics, Museum of Topkapi (Turkey) - Documentary
  42. Slavery in Islam vs New World Slavery - Mahdi Lock & Al-Hajj Abu Ja'far al-Hanbali
  43. Modernists reformers (some heresies) - Book : Islam's Reformers' by M. Siddik Gümüs
  44. On Reading the Signs of the End Times Into Everything - Muhaddith Mujir al-Khatib al-Shafi'i
  45. Self-Study of the Quran & Sunnah is the Gateway to Misguidance - Mufti Amjad Rashid
  46. The Mujadid every 100 years (Hadith)
  47. Shaykh Mahmud Efendi An-Naqshibandi - The Mujadid
  48. .AL-MAHDI, An O.
  49. Translation in english of Imam Jalaluddin Suyuti's essay on the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
  50. Refutation of Nuh Keller's 'Iman, Kufr & Takfir' - (imkan al-kadhib, defense of the honour of the Prophet ﷺ) - Shaykh Muhammad Asrar Rashid