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The Full Moon
23/02/2012, 18h58
Assalamu Alaykom

I never believed that you can be happier if you stop caring. Now I do.

Here are the things that we should stop caring about for happier life:

1- Stop caring about everyone’s opinion of you.

For the most part, what other people think and say about you doesn’t matter.

Unless you’re trying to make a great first impression (job interview, first date, etc.), don’t let the opinions of others stand in your way. What they think and say about you isn’t important. What is important is how you feel about yourself.

2- Stop caring about being politically correct.

No, you should not start randomly cussing and acting like a fool. But you must say what you need to say when you need to say it. If it isn’t politically correct, so what.Don’t censor yourself. Speak the truth. Your truth.

3- Stop caring about looking a certain way.

Free yourself by being you, in the unique way only you know how. Wear clothes and styles you feel comfortable wearing. Dress the way that shows who you are.

4- Stop caring about what everyone else wants for you.

This starts at an early age when parents and people around you, will try to protect you by shielding you from the possibility of failure, which, in effect, also shields you from the possibility of making your dreams a reality.

As Steve Jobs said:“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. ..... Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart and intuition.”

5- Stop caring about the boundaries others set up.

Try what you want to try. Go where you want to go. Follow your own intuition.

Don’t let others put a cage around you. Remember that whenever somebody discredits you and tells you that you can’t do something, that they are speaking from within the boundaries of their own limitations. Ignore them and press on.

6- Stop caring about what everyone else has.

Do not compre yourself to a colleague, neighbor, friend, or someone famous! Realize that you are different, with different strengths .
You might push yourself to obtain all the possessions which you think will show your achievements in life and translate of it being better, like owning a big house.. newest car.. a boat..etc.

You are not appreciating what you have right now. Try comparing yourself to those who have less, those who are dealing with tragedy, and those who are struggling to survive. Hopefully it opens your eyes to all the things you should be grateful for.

7- Stop caring about the imaginary state of perfect.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

Many of us are perfectionists in our own right. Our passion for excellence drives us to run the extra mile, never stopping, never relenting.… So long as we don’t get carried away.But what happens when we do get carried away with perfectionism? We become disgruntled and discouraged when we fail to meet the (impossibly high) standards we set for ourselves.

Remember, the real world doesn’t reward perfectionists. It rewards people who get things done. And the only way to get things done is to be imperfect 99% of the time.

8- Stop caring about being right all the time.

There are few absolute ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ in the world.

What’s right for you may be wrong for me, and vise versa. People need to live their lives their way – the way that’s right for them.Open your mind to new ideas and opinions.

9- Stop caring about mistakes.

Mistakes teach you important lessons,but fall in self doubt.

In life, it’s rarely about getting a chance; it’s about taking a chance. Most of the time you just have to go for it! Remember, if you never act, you will never know for sure, and you will be left standing in the same spot forever.

10- Stop caring about things you can’t control.

Some forces are out of your control. Accept this fact of life.

Look at the circumstance productively and positively, coming from the standpoint of “What’s my next best move?” . Put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Bottom line: As Maria Robinson once said, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” The choice is yours to make.

I wish you a good and happy life.