Voir la version complète : Israel playing hardball against Iran?

The Full Moon
24/02/2012, 03h27
Is U.S. keeping Israel from playing hardball against Iran? And for how long will they succeed?


The United States and Israel are coordinated on steps being taken to combat Iran’s perceived nuclear threat and the two allies have been planning to ensure “all other options” are available, the U.S. ambassador to Israel said on Thursday.

Ambassador Dan Shapiro said both countries were hoping the economic sanctions in place would persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions, and they were having a “significant effect” but had not yet achieved their goal.

Shapiro added: “It’s also true, as the president has said ... we are coordinated with our Israeli partners ... that other options, all other options, are on the table to achieve that goal ... the necessary planning has been done to ensure that those options are actually available if at any time they become necessary.”

Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, although a U.N. nuclear watchdog mission ended in failure this week when the Islamic Republic denied officials permission to visit a site suspected of housing a facility to test explosives.

Shapiro said a constant stream of visits by senior U.S. officials to Israel and vice versa were ensuring both administrations remained coordinated on how to tackle Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit Washington early next month and will meet President Barack Obama on March 5 with Iran set to top the agenda.

The Obama administration has shown signs of being increasingly concerned about the lack of any assurance from Israel it would consult Washington before launching strikes on Iran’s nuclear sites.

24/02/2012, 06h05
We can't say any nuclear ambition untill it is used for the help of people.Now all of nuclear ambitions
are using to the opposite of human right.How can we say this is successfull?

The Full Moon
24/02/2012, 17h14
Simple question: Are there other use for the nuclear beside making destructive weapons?
If the answer is yes, then why every facility that works on finding these ways ought to be destroyed?
Why only Israel is allowed obtaining nuclear weapons and no body else in the Arab worlds?

Why in U.S. they do not convict everyone who is carrying a gun?