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The Full Moon
02/03/2012, 21h38
Dear brothers and sisters

Assalamu Alaykom

I would like to discuss with you a very serious subject, which of concern to all of us.

Do you text and drive?
Do you check you iphone while driving for reading or answering messages?
Do you dial phone calls or check who is calling you while driving on the highway?

For whatever reason you are looking at your phone, do you know that you are not in full control of the car. God is the one who had protected us so far, but shouldn't we do our part too?

I am not saying that you are alone doing this. It appears this is the new cause of most of the recent fatal accidents.
Why are we doing it? Why are we scared of not answering it instantly that we cannot wait?

Our eyes go together we cannot separate them to go in two different directions, so if we are looking at our phones we cannot be looking at the road. Do you want your loved one to be in front of a car of a driver who is not 100% of control of his car?

We will not hold a gun and shoot at any direction, because there is a chance that we might kill an innocent person... by driving distracted isn't it the same?

I think we should be the ones who put a law how we should behave.. We should not operate a care while being distracted by instant messages, phone calls, twitter,... and any new technology they might come up with in the future.

Do you think you can go driving on the road with your phones and alike off?

Hope to hear your opinions. I leave you with the following statistics:

* When a drivertexts while driving, his reaction time will decrease by 35%
* When texting,steering capability goes down by a tremendous amount; 91%.
* A driver istwenty three times more likely to get into a car accident while driving andtexting.
* Drivers are alsosix times as likely to get into a car accident while dialing a number intotheir cellular devices.