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31/03/2015, 10h57
The last 20 Surahs of the Holy Quran are said to be the most basic Surahs and are depended upon to be recollected by every Muslim. These are short Surahs toward the end of Quran. When you start holding Quran, it is endorsed to start from these Surahs as they are short and easy to remember which boasts your trust in learning Quran.

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1. As communicated earlier, using this application to recollect the last twenty Surahs of Quran helps you review that them which enables you to present assorted parts specifically Rakaats of your Salat.
2. All the areas offered inside this application can be listened with a heart trembling recitation which passes on peace to outright total.
3. The application moreover gives English transliteration of each Arabic statement of the every segment. This is as needs be, profitable in examining the verses with right enunciation for the people who are feeble at adequately displaying the Quran in Arabic.
4. long with Transliteration, the Translation of each Surah is given, which enables the customer to fathom the message of Allah given in these verses.
5. Muslims of all age having Smartphone (Android & iOS) can acquaint this application with make usage of this application.