Voir la version complète : Beautiful words in English......

Sami Yusuf Islam
08/02/2016, 20h42
You would notice many of those are simply "borrowed" from French:

adroit, adumbrate, aestivate, blandiloquent, caliginous, chatoyant, chiaroscuro, cockle, colporteur, conflate, cynosure, desuetude, diaphanous, diffuse, dulcet, ebullient, effervescent, efflorescence, elixir, emollient, encomium, ephemeral, epicure, epiphany, erstwhile, eschew, esculent, esoteric, ethereal, etiolate, evanescent, exuberant, felicitous, fescue, foudroyant, fugacioius, gambol, gossamer, halcyon, hymeneal, imbricate, imbroglio, imbue, incipient, ingenue, inglenook, inspissate, inure, jejune, lagniappe, lagoon, languor, lassitude, lilt, lithe, loquacious, luxuriant, mellifluous, missive, moiety, mondegreen, nebulous, niveous, obsequious, odalisque, oeuvre, offing, onomatopoeia, paean, palimpsest, panacea, panoply, pastiche, peccadillo, pelagic, penumbra, peregrination, petrichor, plethora, porcelain, potamophilous, propinquity, quintessential, redolent, rhapsody, riparian, sempiternal, seraglio, serendipity, surreptitious, capricious, yare, alacrity, celerity, interminably, languid, uniformitarianism, hidebound, parochial, puritanical, gratuitous, sine qua non, rigmarole, verdant, bucolic, effusive, florid, jocund, fruition, renaissance, hoary, stagnation and rectitude.

If you know those, you are really good and have extensive vocabulary...