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25/04/2016, 04h24
Essalamou 3laykoum,

Like I said in the title, I've got the chance to have what to me is the greatest job on earth as foreign languages have always been one of my main passions, it's a true blessing al-hamdoulillah !

I am an aggregated foreign language teacher (including English, but I also teach people Spanish and Portuguese) and this is my job after I completed my Master (Bac +5) in LEA (Langues Étrangères Appliquées) in 2014 and then passed and approved the aggregation.

For those who wonder what the difference is between an "aggregated teacher" like myself and a "certified teacher" who mostly teaches in schools, to be recognized "aggregated teacher" you have to obtain your Master (Bac +5) in what you want to teach and then the aggregation itself, while a "certified teached" has to approve the "CAPES" and have minimum a Licence (Bac +3) in what the certified teacher wants to teach.

So of course I am offering my services here on this Forum to people who want to improve their English, or just learn it, or even try to better it off (as we are in the "English Speaking Section", but it is the exact same thing for people who are interested in me teaching them Spanish or Portuguese...).

I think that giving courses on something like Skype would be great, but I know FaceBook also has "Video Call" or just "Microphone Call" because of course only speaking to each other would be needed. If you want to do it using something else, let me know please, sahha :) .

I am thus awaiting your demands^^ I would teach to ANYONE who wants to learn and of course on the contrary of my everyday work this right here would be totally free. Talk to you later inch'Allah, a free way to learn English (or Spanish, or Portuguese^^) with an aggregated teacher is not something which I think happens a lot and I don't think people who want to be taught languages for free by someone who has an aggregation to teach them is something that happens often ;) .

Besslama :) Peace be upon every single one of you !


28/08/2016, 21h10
Hi! I am very intérested by your proposition , Could you please contact me ? Thanks so much