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20/10/2016, 20h25
Plaese, find this french anonymous citizen’s open letter sent to Mr OBAMA (2008/11/09) !

The « Letter to the NationS » has been lightly reshuffled from an open letter adressed to the elected of the eua and through him to the whole great leaders of the first G20 and then to other people and all over to humanity.

Copies have been sent to the concerned embassies for the heads of state of Saudi Arabia, Brasil, China,India,Japan,Russia,France for Europe and the director of the IMF, then to Pope Benedict XVI, the Dalaï Lama, etc …

" Letter to the NationS "

To the citizen President of U.S.A., MR Barack OBAMA

Mister President,

Would you allow me to send you my congratulations, as well this humble gift, a tool box that will be able to optimize the reform of the capitalist system which is concerned during the (first) G20.

The following one contain an innovative financial resource concept for each state that would wish to apply it.

Morever, not based on the tax payers, but on the vilified tribulations of the outrageous capitalism. It will allowed to support the growth and bring to each population whatever they are able to expect from their states and the worldwild solidarity.

If you approve it, perhaps you could submit it to the G20, inasmuch as the whole world is aware that it is all together that we will raise up from that crisis, by starting from as you intend to do, by approaching the commercial rules that reign over the activity of our city the earth for it people humanity,

From all and so many centuries of history, perhaps time has come to summerize what is the best. All governements must help each other and aim to do it according to their needs, culture and own history and will be helped on it by all men of good will worthy of entering into hope in order to contribute to the world salvation.

Mr Nelson Mandela had send you his congratulations such a way « your victory has shown that nobody, veverywhere in the world should be scared dreaming of changing the world to make it better ».
<<in order to prove consistent , i am not afraid to request your kindness upon assessment of an universal dream for all men ; then a solution appeared to me as an evidence, which by this letter i submit to you and through you ,as well to the eminent members of the G20, in accordance with the article VI of the human rights.


As many things you certainly know, but to the extent that this letter is or will be public, i allow myself on some historical reminds underlining the spirit that animated them.


Regain consciousness on what the Lights were teaching us such as MR de Montesquieu (1) one of the greatest french philosopher, it is himself that certainly had deeply inspired the british founding fathers of liberalism as well for Sir Thomas Jefferson (2) and the founding fathers of your constitution (BILL rights). He wrote , already at that time, what is following: « Those who said that a blind fatality has producted all the effects we can see in the world said a big absurdity:because what biggest absurdity than a blind fatality that would …/… but the clever world has to be as well governed as the physical world,although this one has laws who by nature are unchangeable ,it does not follow it like the physical world follows his.The reason is that the particular intelligent beeings are narrow minded by their own nature in consequence subject to mistakes ’‘(‘error); Human’(man) as a physical being is as well for the other bodies governed by inchangeable laws. As a clever being, he continiously brakes the laws that God has established and change the one that he has established himself. He has to behave and although he is a narrow minded being; he is subject to ignorance and mistakes ,like all the finished intelligences the weak knowledge he has he still looses it …/… as a sensitive creature , he becomes subject to thousands passions. Such a being could at any moment forget its creator, God has call him back through the laws of religion. Such a being could at any moment forget himself, the philosophers had warn him with the laws of moral. Made to live in society; he could forget the others: the legislators has bring them back to their duties by politic and civil laws. » Extract of THE SPIRIT OF LAWS 1748 MR de Montesquieu

And him to add: Freedom is the right to do what the laws allows.

Rk : In fact in a perfect world, freedom could have no limits but in the actual materialistic world is it sensible ?
The principle of individual freedom applied in trade (business) it means liberalism haS been then conceptualized by the LIGHTSof GREAT BRITAIN during the 18 century, at that time , this concept defined the markets according to the rule of the 3 p (one product one place one price) throwing together the bases of a relative sane competition that should ideally be regulated by an invisible hand, (autonomous regulation of the markets)
But his founding father Adam Smith (3) himself didnt clarify it yet : « in order the market to function,the contractor should worry about his fellow being,moderate his wish of avidity and appropriation » ?!

Where are we from a fair remuneration for a right effort?
Where are we concerning the tangible meaning of the ethic in the world of business nowadays?
From then on, without wisdom, the invisible hand of the market isn t it illusionary?
As it is specified in your constitution ( or BILL RIGHTS) of the 1776 (and not believing only Benjamin Gates : humor!!!!) so Sir Shomas Jefferson expressed himself impregnated of the spirit of the french and british lights of that time : « when a long line of abuse and usurpation follows invariably the same aim, aiming to submit them to their absolute despotism, it is their right and their duty (to the people) to reject such a government and provide through new protections for their futur security » ?


You surely understood well,Mister president, it isn t the matter to; attack- your contitution but the avidity and despotism of a disastrous capitalism that we all endure, consequences of the deregulated neoliberalism that brings humanity to danger,so it take place to find new enlightened protections able to rule a so expected new world order.

Today more than ever,the despotic power of corrupting idols and to start from a certain money king invites all men full of hope to go over the obstacles to unite peacefully, to coordinate the reviving energies in order to fuse them for the best at the service of the biggest number and to support their head of state in that way,
Almost all the heads of states are convinced today and i take as a proof some recent noticed declarations (under all reserves)

Mr FILLON (4) representative of the majority opinion of the nation expressed a necessity which seems obvious now(globalization needs to be politically organized,economically regulated,socially and ecologically shared.
Asia-Europe Meeting declared : « taking step to a deep real reform of the monetary and financial international systems ».

Mr Jean manuel BARROSO (5) « there is an emerging consensus which will make possible to the washington summit to result in tangible and important decisions. »

Mr José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (6) expressed himself in the name of the iberian american world and he wishes a reform,deeply, of the worldwide financial model ,tempting to a big multilateral agreement.

George W Bush (we don t need to intoduce him anymore : humor !!!) wishes « that the G20 could define the principles of a reform for the organism and institutions related to our financial sector. »;

Then; it seems that an international consensus appears and that everybody could be convinced even if some express themself sometimes using a vehement tone more than the others ;

It is to wonder if some people are still not convinced!!
Without a doubt a handful of financials among the most selfish of the planet, but what could motivate them , money ,making more money ;always more money ;at what price?
Isn t it time to help those people? So help them truly ; don t wait!!!


Why not thinking over on the tax suggested by your famous economist Mr TOBIN the way it was mentioned in 1995 within the UN and the G7 in Halifax or completing it by stronger coefficients when the speculation (as well for the volatility) of the financial products is too important or ‘and- morally desapproved.

Those taxes could be the same (or at least in a common band for all the markets in the interests of loyalty for the Nations.

PRINCIPLE OF CALCULATION : Let s take z / taxation of (the virtuous tax) on the purchase amounts and stock sales. It will remain to define the responsability of the financial establishments in tax collect according to criterions to specify,

A // If it is about leverage financial products (warrants type) that the taxation could be from 2 to 5 x z / for the calls and from 4 to 10xz / for the puts because those are used as a support of speculation taking as an aim the destuction of value.(even if it can have another functions beside)

B // If it is about high leverage financial products (type srd) the taxation could be from 5 to 10xz /for the calls and 10to20xz/for the puts

Rq : However, for some raw materials and more for foodstuffs the rule will be reversed concerning the calls and puts in order to reduce the speculation upwards on those products.

III / VIRTUOUS TAX OF NATIONAL SOLIDARITY number 2 : Taxation of the capital gain

In France, private individuals and private organism pay an annual tax on the capital gain accumulated from financial investment and we find it globally right , i am not sure it is the same in all the counties of the world.

However, couln t it be agreed, between the most powerful states, a low tax on capital gains at the same rate,independently of the nowadays existing taxes, as much for the private individuals and the firms at the time of each sales(total or partial of lines of values,on the base of the difference between the retail price and the average moderate cost price.
Psychologically,a winner tend generally to share more than a loser and when loses we won t blame him,but we won t allow him to compensate his loss;


One of the problems we met during the financial crisis that affected us is to perceive that the securitization (financial mecanism that could be useful if we follow the danish model) has been used as a support of opacity and dilution not only of the risk as predicted but as well of the responsabilities.
What do you think about the following system?

Principle a risk is securitizied in a base A (1 row) the same one is divided for a first time in the base B( 2row) which is again divided in the base k (3 row) etc;

If a rule instituted a taxation on the supports (or bases) during their own placing in the markets , of a low percentage that would grow as previously defined;

Then the supports ’(‘ bases) with equities of the row 2 would be taxed of 2xX/; the equities n of nxX/;

If a support includes equities of a different rows, then the taxation would be calculated according to the equity of the highest row. It would have to be to the authorities in charge to cash those taxes to settle systems of controls ,the same one aleatory controled by a supranational authority
And for more , this system would be a tangible support, controllable and able to serve for the traceability of the support of securitization which was in fault recently.;


Common with the different V.S.T. , use of the taxes could be considered that way :

A // 0 to 40 % for a fund of national cash flow ( a kind of insurance stated to the markets)

B // 20 to 50 % for the state who will apply and able to know to use it properly for its population in order to reduce the state debts.

C // 20 to 50 % ( with a common threshold mark variable according to the wealth of the country :applying it) for an international solidarity fund managed by the UN IFM or for all the state of the G 20 or some others, obligated (for help against starvation, for health and support on education) then you will fulfill mr ban s wishes (general secretary of the U.N.) who was recently calling for placing a NEW WORLWIDE SOLIDARITY facing the crisis , like so many people.,

Rk : In fact , it happens very often in human nature to provide the least effort, sometimes for ourself and more for somebody else and even more if it isn t agreed from the beginning ;it is the same for the nations; for example, see which are the most generous countries which adopted the CHIRAC’s tax on the flying tickets destined to fight against poverty. The most magnanimous countries are rare, especially as they are finding themselves morever left in the hand of a competitive market mostly often so antagonistic.,



One of the previous to the good functioning of the national economy would pass by reducing the opacity hardly justified of the tax haven which damage all the sovereign state!indeed why do certain citizens invest in the haven tax? Are people concerned about it ?

It seems that an international consensus is constitute as well on that problem. Who would be in opposition with it now? Unless some rare state which their economy depend on it ?
Perhaps must we find another solution with them such as uniting in the most cooperative countries some new international centers of surveillance.

And most of all another advantages would stem from less ficsal evasion …


Wouldn t it be desirable to entrust to a supranational the supervision of the organism in charge for the financial flows that could aleatory operate for more impartiality and efficacy ?


The overdrawn sales could be proscribed during a time of crisis or a too high volatility of the market CF the italian experience either internationaly or according to strict standards to respect on sectors of activities for example with the same rules for all the market of the planet.

Beside it would it be conceivable to apply to them a new taxation of the type I/B// in order to reduce the speculation too deconnected from the needs in sure funds for the companies.

A tracking of weak signals of dysfunction of the markets could also be conceivable as well operational modes to manage.

* * *

After the expected success of the G20 the values of the stock market would reach more their real values mainly established by their accounting values their perspectives at first their good will and then more beneficial stages could follow …

Do you know what is happening in the street ? PEOPLE talk about an evolution and whole of the PEOPLE aspire to that evolution; and it is to you and the other leaders of the world with the participation of MR George W BUSH and the support of MR Mc CAIN to offer us,

People expect nothing more than that from you!!!

If with my own way you think that i could be useful in anything in the worry of the superior, interest of the Nations it is voluntarily with joy that i shall give you the best of me.

Be sure, MR president, ladies and gentlemen heads of states ,of my respectful devotion.

From an economist citizen who doesn’ t give up on the best of the worlds !

May the wisdom of the people be pleased !


PS : i worked on another contributory virtuous taxes concretely able to avoid the fatality of the deshumanized world of wall e,i will be honored to introduce to you ,as well to the rest of the leaders who wish it.However ; in that surrounding ,i express myself only by writing but the representative of the french democracy to whom i confided other visions will know to remove it from the fridge where they have left it in order to report it to all the citizens of the planet ;in a debate made of constructive ideas,i hope.,


1 MONTESQUIEU charles de secondat baron de la brède and of Montesquieu writer moralist and french philosopher 1689 1755 wrote the spirit of the laws in 1748 This publication inspired the american and french constitution of 1791)

2 Thomas JEFFERSON 1743-1826 author of the declaration of independance of the united states of America 1776 and then president 1801 1809,

3 Adam SMITH : 1723 1790 scottish philosopher and economist, founding father of economical science author of the wealth of the nations ;

4 François FILLON : race car driver during the week end , actual prime minister of France during the rest of ;the week (humor) ;

5 José Manuel BARROSO actual president of the european commission ; tobin j american citizen nobel economic prize, he suggested a taxation on the international monetary transactions in order not to incitate on speculating …

6José Luis ZAPATERO : Actual prime miniter of Spain ;

Article VI : the law is the expression of the general will, every citizen do have the right to compete personaly or by their representatives to its formation; It has to be the same for all, either it protects or punishes; All the citizens has being equal to it eyes ,are as well admissible to all dignities; place and public employements ; according to their capacity ;and without other distinction than the one of their vertues and talents.