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07/11/2016, 09h43
· always = toujours
I always do my homework before going to bed.
· sometimes = parfois
My parents sometimes go on holiday to Spain and France.
· often = souvent
My father often plays cards with me.
· usually = d’habitude = d’ordinaire
I usually go to school by bicycle, but sometimes I take the bus.
· never = jamais
I never eat pizza. I hate it.
· On Sundays/Fridays…
= chaque samedi, tous les samedis…
· On Mondays I spend a lot of time in front of the TV.
In the winter/the summer/autumn/spring… = à l’hiver/à l’été/à l’automne/au printemps…
In the summer I go with my grand-father to his home-village in the Sahara.
· In the evening… = le soir = tous les soirs
I do my homework in the evening not in the morning.
· In France/Spain/Morocco… = au Maroc/en France/en Espagne…
People in France like travelling abroad.
· in this country
A lot of people in this country work in the fields.
· at 7 a.m/8p.m… = à 7 h, à 8h…
The train leaves at 7.30 a.m.
My mother arrives back from work at 9 p.m.
· everyday/ every year/every Monday/every week/ every Sunday… = tous les jours/ tous les ans/ chaque lundi/chaque semaine/chaque dimanche…
I play football with friends every Sunday.
· once a week = une fois par semaine
twice a day = deux fois par jour
twice a week = deux fois par semaine
once a month = une fois par mois
twice a year = deux fois par an
three times a month = trois fois par mois
three times a week = trois fois par semaine
three times a year = trois fois par an
My uncle sends me some money from Kuwait once a month.

· every now and then = de temps en temps
Every now and then we visit our family members who live in Rabat and Casablanca.
· every time = chaque fois que…
whenever = chaque fois que…
Every time I go to Marrakesh I buy souvenirs for my mother and grand-mother.
Whenever I go to Marrakesh I buy souvenirs for my mother and grand-mother.
Look / Listen / Who… = Regarde / Ecoute / Qui…
Look, who is coming towards us?
Listen, who is singing in the courtyard?
Who is playing out there?
· It’s 9 a.m.
It’s 9 a.m. I am writing a message to my uncle in Kuwait.
· now, right now
Now I am studying English at home.
What are you doing right now? = en ce moment
What are you doing at the moment/ at this moment? = qu’est-ce que tu fais en ce moment ?
· What’s that ?
What’s that ? I hear a terrible noise. Is anybody doing something inside the house?

· while = pendant
I always listen to music while doing my homework.

· ago
He arrived two hours ago. = il est arrivé il y deux heures.
I began English three years ago.
· in 1966, 1987, 2000, 2002…
I was born in 2002. I entered school in 2004.
I began English in 2013.
· Last night, month…
Last night I had a very bad dream.
My father returned home very late last night.
Last night = la nuit dernière
Last week = la semaine dernière
Last month = le mois dernier
Last year = l’année dernière
Our neighbour died in October last year.
· yesterday = hier
I saw a great film yesterday.
I didn’t go to school yesterday.

· while = pendant
My mother was preparing dinner while I was doing my homework. = Ma mère préparait le diner pendant que je faisais mes devoirs.