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14/03/2019, 21h09

14/03/2019, 21h13
Salam.alekom, that is a.very important question...as sometimes men marry women only to.have their sexual desires fulfilled, and women to avoid to work etc..but are we.prepared to.sacrify, to make effort on.our own nafs etc? If.not then the marriage is going to.fail.. Egoism is.the worst enemy in a couple,and in.any relation ..

talib abdALLAH
14/03/2019, 21h17
As-salam `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

The video can be played now, it's fixed.

Le Paria
14/03/2019, 22h35
Salam aleyloum,

So if I had not a degree in communication, or even in management, does it means I can't get married ? Just joking, but I mean it's not the same having communication with his wife or with the kouffar you working with and who've got only interrest for dunya. I would more speak about the fact to not be egoist and to accept the one you married will have things you hate in him or her. But the good's things will be more important. When bad things occur you just have to be patient, because goods things will be back soon. When he spoke about mercy, yeah agree with that anyway.