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Discussion: Let's be part of that victory

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    Par défaut Let's be part of that victory

    Dawah will carry on, tarbiyyah will carry on, and Jihad will carry on.
    And all of these are building stones for the ummah in its next stage.
    If Allah wants an end he prepares the means to it. Allah wants victory
    for this ummah and Allah is preparing the means for that;
    Let us not sit on the sidelines...Lets be part of that victory...!
    -(Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki)-

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    Take care bro, they will consider you a terrorist even in this forum. You mentioned Jihad in your topic while "modern" Muslims deny it.

    Those Muslims do not look for victory, they are satisfied with the manner in witch France treat them.

    I'm convinced that glory of Islam will back again but not from arable world. It will back again from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India where the real Muslims are living.

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    assalam aleykoum wa Rahmatoullahi wa Barakatou,

    incredible , what you say, yes, there are a lot of very good muslims in the countries which you mention, but you have to think well of the others muslims in the world ,
    the satisfaction is just a mask that a lot are living with, to survive but wait a little and you'll see....
    in arab countries, and in africa and everywhere, I know my brothers and sisters are praying Allah and crying for islam,
    we are not a strong community and wa haven't got the solution because we are confused and lost, and because we are like orphan in our own houses ,
    but I believe that the day that the war shall be in the street, you will see....
    you haven't travelled in the world and visited muslims ?
    trust , brother, trust in the ummah...

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