"The one who loves it is wretched, the one who desires it is mad and the one who trusts in it is shamed. It has covered its defects, hidden its disasters, it is treacherous with its falsehood, deceiving with its bribes, it has set its meshes and placed its nets. It has made permissible its falsehoods and unsheathed its sword. It has made permanent its traits, concealed its ugliness and it calls; “Embrace me! Embrace me! Oh men!”. For he who seeks reunion with it falls into its plot, it manifests upon him its evil condition, it intensifies its punishment and he falls into it’s captivity because of his ignorance of it’s evil. He is afflicted by it’s plotting, so much so that he does not perceive it’s affair, until he bites his hands in regret, he cries blood after tears, it forsakes him to what he desired until he meets an evil return. He struggles to flee but escape is impossible."

[Taken from very valuable book 'Mashari Al-Ashwaq Ila Masari Al-Ushaaq Wa Mutheer Al-Gharaam Ila Daar Assalaam' by Abi Zakaryya Al Dimashqi Al Dumyati “Ibn-Nuhaas” (D. 814 Hijri) ]

(Source: http://www.facebook.com/jannah.inshaAllaah )