Salamu'aleykoum wa ra7matoullahi wa barakatouhou.
Il y peut ou pas d'ouvrage hanbali en français mais j'ai trouvé cet ouvrage avis aux intéressés.

The Mainstay Concerning Jurisprudence (Al-Umda fi l-Fiqh -Hanbali School of Law) Shaikh al-Islam Imam al-Muwaffaq ibn Qudama (A.H. 541-620) was one of the luminaries of his day and age. Born in the town of Jamma'il in Nablus in Palestine, he emigrated to Damascus with his family at the age of eight, after the Crusaders had seized control of his country. Studying at first under the tutelage of his father, Shaikh Abu ’l-'Abbås Ahmad ibn Mu ¥ammad ibn Qudama, he learned the rudiments of the religious sciences, and the texts of the ªanbali school of jurisprudence, including the Mukhtasar [Compendium] of al-Kharaqi. At the next stage he studied under various of the Shaikhs of Damascus and continued to make progress in learning, until he reached the age of twenty. Then, between the years A.H.560 and 561 he embarked on an educational expedition to Baghdad. At the outset of his career, al-Muwaffaq spent a brief period in the presence of Shaikh 'Abd al-Qådir al-Jilani. Under the Shaikh, then in the ninetieth year his life, he studied the Mukhtasar [Compendium] of al-Kharaqi at the level of understanding and meticulous scrutiny. Shaikh 'Abd al-Qådir completed his earthly life shortly after that, so al-Muwaffaq turned to the Shaikh of the ªanbalis and the leading jurist of 'Iråq, Nasih al-Islam Abu ’l-Fath Nasr ibn Fityan ibn Matar an-Nahrawani, well-known as Ibn al-Muna (A.H. 477–564). Under him he studied the jurisprudence of the school of Imam A¥mad [ibn Hanbal]. After four years in Baghdad he returned to Damascus and there he preoccupied himself with the composition of his great commentary (al-Mughni) on al-Kharaqi’s Mukhtasar.