Olympic guests
How to be a positive Muslim
Dear Brothers and Sisters as you know, the Olympic and Paralympic games are going to be held in London starting this month, (the Olympics and part of Paralympics will take part in the month of Ramadhan).
By the mercy of ALLAH this event is taking place during the blessed month of Ramadhan (fans from all the world will come to London) to give us as Muslims of Britain a great opportunity to show our faith to the world especially youth people.
How can we use this opportunity:
1) By showing a warm welcome to them, distributing books and flyers especially to non Muslim guests
2) opening the mosques for every body and getting ready to talk about Islam to non Muslims.
3) Iftar will be an excellent opportunity to welcome people (use it for Muslims and even non Muslims), Taraweeh (and the time after Taraweeh) as well should be used to interact and communicate with the London guests.
4) make your area (the front of your house, the mosques, the front of your business) all clean.
5) Communicate with the guests all the time, be first to help (if they need help such as showing directions, locations etc.) meanwhile call them to Islam
Dear Brothers and sisters hundreds of thousands of people are coming to visit our city during this special event (we may not have such occasion an other time in our remaining life) lets use it positively and creatively.
we believe we are holding the truth let us share it with people of the world, showing the beauty of Islam is our responsibility in our attitudes and behaviours our positive contribution in this society and towards our guests will have a big impacts on youth people of the world
Let us be positive, let the world know who we truly are.
Jazakum ALLAH khairan