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Discussion: Where is Allah?

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    Can we ask, “Where is Allah?” and ask if He is high above His creatures? Is this a sort of anthropomorphism- may Allah save us from it? What should be our position toward those who disallow this question claiming that Almighty Allah is nowhere and that whoever says this is an anthropomorphist and a heretic?
    Almighty Allah described Himself as being high. He said, “Highly exalt the Name of your Lord, the Most High” and said, “He is the Most High and the Most Great.” Thus, none can doubt that Almighty Allah is high and it is not permissible for a Muslim to say otherwise. But you cannot ask “How”? In a hadith Ahad (a Hadith which at some point in the chain has only a single narrator, a man wanted to emancipate his slave girl and thus he came with her to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), who said to her, “Where is Allah?”
    There is no other report where the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) asked this question. None of the salaf (early pious predecessors) asked this question. Thus, such kind of questions is not required. You should read the verses of affirmation and the verses of negation. The verses of affirmation are to be perceived as they are. The verse of negation is “There is nothing that is anything like Him.” You should not engage in such matters, for they are of no practical benefit. On the Day of Resurrection Allah will ask you about your deeds, not about His Divine Self. Thus, you have to believe in the characteristics of Allah. This was undeniably the position of the salaf.
    Al-Tufi said, “The position of Ahmad and all other prominent scholars among the salaf is to regard them (the characteristics of Allah) as they are and not delve into them, and to keep silent.” None should say anything in this regard, as Abu Nu`aym, Sheikh al-Bukhary, said. Explaining the verse that reads “Then He settled Himself over the Throne. He causes the night to enveil the day.” [7:54], Ibn Kathier quoted him as saying, “We should regard them as they are and not delve into them, believing in the transcendence of Almighty Allah over anything that comes to one’s mind.” These are the words of Abu Nu`aym, Sheikh al-Bukhary, Ahmad and Yahya ibn Ma`een.
    Hence, to disagree over such an issue and stir up arguments about the place and time of Allah’s actions was not a norm of the salaf. This, rather, disagrees with their norms. You should say nothing. Just read them as they are. You have to have the same belief the salaf had – no more, no less. Read the verses that affirm the highness of Almighty Allah. You say in your Prayer “Glory be to my Lord, the Most High.” In negation you read “There is nothing that is anything like Him. And He is the all-Hearing, the All-Seeing.” This is what is required from you and do not engage in futile arguments. Allah knows best.

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    barak Allâhufik muhibb jan !!!!

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