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Discussion: Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!

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    Administrateur Avatar de Sami Yusuf Islam
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    mars 2003
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    Par défaut Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!

    :d les super profs...... aaaaaah , les super profs du ont décidé de vous donner un cours super génial, et super gratuit!

    vive les profs du forumIslam..............

    vous allez apprendre greatuitement l'anglais avec nous!

    c'est sérieux.... des cours pédagogiques par des professionelles (exercant le metier de formateurs en anglais) vous seront donnés, exclusivement à vous, nos chers membres...... )

    alors aux profs de jouer !

    :d :d :d

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    Administrateur Avatar de Sami Yusuf Islam
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    mars 2003
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    Par défaut Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!

    and i missed to say: b is beautiful .......

    voilà une chose que je sais bien dire en anglais, sans trop d'accent d'ailleurs.....

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    Par défaut Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!


    vraiment ça fait plaisir ! :d soubhanAllah je suis de jours en jours étonné par les choses magnifiques que vous faîtes pour ce site, mon très cher abdullah.




    may Allah bless you and reward you my dear brother !


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    Inconnu mystérieux

    Par défaut Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!

    je vais poster des textes qui concernent souvent l'actualité.
    ce sont des textes simplifiés avec le vocabulaire à la fin.
    bonne lecture

    the author says

    twins successfully separated

    twins from egypt, who were attached by the head, have been successfully separated by doctors in the us. the operation took more than 30 hours to complete. the boys are in a very serious, but stable condition. this report from ian pannell:

    ahmed and mohamed ibrahim were brought to the us from egypt a year ago to prepare for this complex and high risk operation. though they have separate brains, the two year olds shared an intricate web of blood vessels. after months of preparation, doctors in dallas spent hours separating them and carrying out restorative surgery. so far all has gone to plan.

    when their father was told 'we have two boys', he fainted on the spot. their mother, like much of the team, was in tears. although the procedure appears to have been a success, much remains to be done. the boys will be taken to an intensive care unit where they will remain in a drug induced coma for up to five days to prevent brain damage. they will then need months of therapy and additional reconstructive surgery in the coming years to help them recover. but doctors hope that soon ahmed and mohamed will be able to stand face to face for the first time.

    ian pannel, bbc, washington


    complicated and difficult with many things involved

    high risk
    extremely dangerous with a great possibility of failure

    an intricate web
    a complicated structure with many fine details

    restorative surgery
    an operation to repair parts of the body so that they can work well again

    fainted on the spot
    immediately lost consciousness for a short time

    an intensive care unit
    a special medical department where patients, who might die, are treated

    a drug induced coma
    a deeply unconscious state caused by medication

    treatment to help patients recover from physical or mental illnesses

    reconstructive surgery
    an operation to rebuild damaged parts of the body

    to stand face to face
    if two people are looking directly at each other, they are standing face to face

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    Inconnu mystérieux

    Par défaut Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!

    the author says

    child trafficking

    the united nations children's organisation, unicef, has warned that thousands of children are being brought into britain against their will to work in the sex trade or as cheap domestic helpers. this report from neil bennett:

    unicef defines child trafficking as the transportation and exploitation of unwilling or unknowing victims. the organisation believes that thousands of children are being brought into the uk every year from africa, eastern europe and asia.

    they are forced to work as prostitutes, domestic servants or in various forms of criminal activity. in recent months cases have emerged in newcastle and nottingham, suggesting that traffickers are targeting places where the authorities may be less aware of such activities.

    the un says that the government should make it a criminal offence to traffic a child for any purpose and should provide money from central funds to help the victims.


    illegal trade or movement of people, animals, weapons or drugs

    unfair use of someone’s work giving little in return

    not wanting to do something

    not realising that something is happening

    become known after an investigation

    people who trade or move people, animals, weapons or drugs illegally

    aiming to affect

    the authorities
    official organizations or government departments that have power to make decisions

    criminal offence
    a crime

    central funds
    government sources of money

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    Inconnu mystérieux

    Par défaut Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!

    [size=18px]this text is very interesting, mainly because it is british's propaganda. the author tries to present the coalition who killed thousand of iraqis as the people who organised for them a new educational programme.[/size]
    the author says

    iraqi children go back to school

    several million iraqi children go back to school this week for the start of the new academic year. many will find radical changes to their classrooms, textbooks and even the style of teaching. this report from the bbc's jill mcgivering in baghdad:

    under saddam most iraqi schools became desperately run-down. now the us-led coalition is running a massive programme to rebuild and refurbish. it's still underway, but as the new school year starts, more than a thousand schools are finished.

    textbooks are being overhauled too. un agencies are printing more than seventy-million new books which omit references to saddam hussein and his ideology. until they're ready schools will use old books with political passages simply blacked out.

    children will no longer have to start the school day chanting saddam's praises. but many may not attend at all. some parents say they're so worried about the security situation they'd rather keep their children at home until the country is more stable.

    jill mcgivering, bbc, baghdad


    in a very poor condition

    a group of different organisations or people who are working together with a particular aim

    to clean and make more up-to-date

    here, completed

    books used in schools or by students

    improved, refurbished

    set of beliefs

    blacked out
    here, covered up with black ink, so that they cannot be read

    chanting saddam's praises
    if you chant someone's praises you repeat words which support them

    they'd rather
    they prefer to

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    Inconnu mystérieux

    Par défaut Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!

    the author says

    toothfish 'pirates' held after chase

    the australian customs ship which chased an illegal fishing boat thousands of kilometres through the southern ocean has arrived in cape town. the crew told of a three-week chase through the antarctic, surviving high winds, icebergs and pack-ice, before finally catching up with and boarding the uruguayan registered ship. this report from alistair leithead:

    the crew of the southern supporter, an australian customs vessel, has finally arrived here in cape town harbour after an epic three-week chase through the treacherous southern ocean, dodging icebergs and high seas to arrest the crew of a ship caught poaching rare patagonian toothfish.

    the australian customs officials described how the pursuit began, south of australia, when they stumbled upon an illegal fishing-boat in a restricted area. the uruguayan registered ship, viarsa, headed south towards the winter pack-ice around antarctica, trying to outrun the pursuers and leading them through ten-metre high waves, dangerously thickening ice and hurricane force winds.

    eventually, with support from two ships from south africa and britain, the viarsa was stopped and boarded and 85 tons of the patagonian toothfish, which are facing extinction, were discovered frozen in the hold. the catch is worth millions of dollars and the viarsa and its crew, currently being guarded off the south african coast, will be escorted back to australia to face prosecution.
    alistair leithead, bbc news, cape town


    very dangerous

    trying not to crash into

    illegally catching

    the pursuit
    the chase

    stumbled upon
    found by accident

    the winter pack-ice
    very thick ice which spreads over a large area during the winter

    to outrun
    to go faster than

    the pursuers
    the people chasing

    facing extinction
    if an animal is facing extinction, there are very few remaining – it is possible that in a short time this animal will be gone forever

    to face prosecution
    to be charged with a crime

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    Par défaut Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!

    ma cha'Allah des cours d'anglais :dance:
    j'en ai bien besoin :yeux:
    baaraka l-lahou fiki ma soeur halima :

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    Inconnu mystérieux

    Par défaut Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!

    the author says


    story summary

    water is essential to life. but there are many ways of managing its distribution, and ensuring it is suitable for people to drink. read the article, check the meaning of words you don't know, and then tell us what you think about the three questions we've given you. finally, listen to a world service radio programme on water.


    britain rarely suffers from droughts - there's usually too much rain to find empty reservoirs. but it's still a topic that gets people talking. the cost of it, for example. in some parts of the united kingdom the supply of water has been privatised. regional water companies are responsible for water and sewerage. but in northern ireland charges are just being introduced.

    water meters are not used in northern ireland and are rare in scotland - but they're becoming more common in other parts of the country. what should happen if you don't pay your bill? water suppliers in england and wales have the legal power to disconnect customers who have not paid their bills, but disconnections are always a last resort for water companies and the number of households that have been disconnected because of unpaid bills has been going down. in scotland and northern ireland disconnection is illegal.

    sometimes there's too much water. summer floods in 2002 caused hardships to many families in glasgow who were not insured against flood damage. comedian billy connolly helped to raise money with "welly aid". the 19th century sewage system was blamed. when it was built it promoted greater public health through improved water quality. but that was a century ago.

    water quality is another problem. farmers are sometimes blamed for putting on their fields fertilisers and other chemicals which later leach into rivers, especially when the water table is high. but hundreds of scottish farmers have been helping to clean up pollution and help protect bathing water.

    finally, what about the water we drink in restaurants? britons spend £700m a year on bottled mineral water. elegant blue glass bottles of ty nant water from wales featured in the latest james bond movie. (shaken, not stirred, naturally.) but a report by the drinking water inspectorate claims that tap water is better than ever.


    periods when there is no rain for a long time

    the system by which waste matter from wcs is take away in sewers and made safe

    a household is all the people living in one house

    flood damage
    harm caused to buildings and property when there's too much water

    sewage system
    the network of pipes and tunnels used to take waste water away

    water table
    this happens when water doesn't rise to the surface but lies a metre or two below the surface

    public health
    here, the ending of dangerous diseases

    bathing water
    water that people swim in

    questions we asked you about water.
    •when you go to a restaurant, do you order tap water or bottled mineral water?
    •if farmers or industry pollute drinking water, who should pay for the clean up?
    •how should households pay for water - by the average they consume or by accurate metering?

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    Inconnu mystérieux

    Par défaut Cours D'Anglais Gratuit Pour Nos Membres! Beautiful!

    the author says

    wind power

    story summary

    a huge expansion in uk wind power has been announced by the government. the plans pave the way for thousands of coastal wind turbines, mainly in the north east of england, the wash and the thames estuary. licences are being issued for thousands of turbines to be built off the british coast to generate as much energy as around six nuclear power stations.

    wind power

    there is currently one working off shore wind farm, with one other under construction and another 14 in the pipeline. an off shore wind turbine is similar to those on shore, but taller at almost 60 metres. the three blades - each around 35 metres long - turn as the wind blows, driving a shaft that goes into the unit mounted at the top of the pylon. inside, a gearbox increases the rotation speed. a generator then uses magnetic fields to convert that energy into electricity.

    the turbines are normally situated around 5 kilometres from the shore, in relatively shallow water around 30 metres deep. undersea cables take the electricity, at 700 volts, to the shore. there, a transformer converts it to the appropriate voltage for the uk's national grid, typically 33,000 volts.

    the uk currently lags behind much of the rest of europe in the use of wind power, despite having over a third of europe's total off-shore wind potential. europe's wind generated electricity capacity currently meets the domestic needs of an estimated five million people. it will also make a major contribution to the government's targets for renewable energy and create up to 20,000 jobs.

    the move has been welcomed by environmental groups but
    environmental organisations friends of the earth and green peace said they were pleased with the plans, although some sites will face objections because of a possible impact on birds and wildlife.

    "hopefully this marks the start of a massive programme to harness the considerable opportunities offered by wind, tides and waves," said energy campaigner bryony worthington. "renewable energy has the potential to provide all our energy needs and is a clean, safe and affordable alternative to nuclear energy and inefficient coal-fired power stations."

    however, electricity prices may go up, as renewable energy is more expensive than gas powered energy because gas prices are low at the moment.

    the trade secretary patricia hewitt announced the plans. she said investment in energy efficiency would also be increased to minimise energy waste from poorly insulated houses.

    "as we sort out the energy efficiency side, we can make sure the bills to consumers don't go up because people will need less electricity to get the same amount of warmth and power."


    if you admit, you agree, reluctantly, that something is true

    alternative something that can be paid for and that can be used instead of

    efficiency where power is used without being wasted

    bathing water
    water that people swim in

    the part which catches the air and turns round

    bottled mineral water
    water pumped from springs in the ground, put in bottles and sold

    put into their dustbins

    to question or present a different view of something

    asking them to pay money

    coal-fired power
    stations the place where electricity is generated using the energy from coal
    capacity the amount it can produce

    coastal wind turbines machines producing power from wind built at sea, near to the land

    comes across
    is presented

    controversial proposals
    suggestions that a lot of people do not agree with

    people with similar jobs

    an ethnic group of people outside their country of origin

    disconnect cut off the supply of water

    droughts periods when there is no rain for a long time

    african american vernacular english

    people who want to protect and preserve the natural environment

    expect to face debts
    believe they will have to repay money

    face objections meet disapproval of their construction

    feeling empowered having the power or right to do something

    flood damage harm caused to buildings and property when there's too much water

    households a household is all the people living in one house

    people who have left college or university with a qualification

    gearbox the system which controls the rate at which energy is converted into electricity

    a sum of money that the government gives to a student for educational purposes. a grant is not paid back

    here, most enthusiastic about protecting the environment

    to harness if you harness a source of energy you bring it under control and use it

    customs or qualities passed down over many years within a family or social group.

    "hippies, loonies and anoraks"
    an offensive term: 'hippies' lead an alternative lifestyle, 'loonies' is short for lunatics, and 'anoraks' are people who spend too long with computers

    image problem
    people don't think recycling is 'cool', modern

    lagging so far behind
    has not made nearly as much progress as
    lags behind is not as advanced as

    landfill site
    a large hole in the ground where rubbish is buried

    leach here, when water gradually liquid passes through the earth into water

    money that is lent to you - you must repay it

    meets the domestic needs is enough for electricity used in homes

    mixed heritage
    a family background of different cultures

    more about the mainstream than the extreme
    something that everyone thinks of - not just people with very strong views

    negative imagery
    unflattering representation

    nuclear energy power released by atoms

    nuclear power stations the place where electricity is generated
    using the energy released by atoms

    off-shore here, built in the sea near the land

    off-shore wind potential the amount of energy it is possible to obtain from off-shore turbines

    a spoken language or dialect used in small caribbean islands

    pave the way if something paves the way, it makes it possible for something else to happen later

    the payback burden
    the worry and hard work involved in paying back the loan

    political commissar
    in the early days of the soviet union political commissars were people in charge of departments: they had a lot of power

    privatised the ownership has changed from the government to private groups and individuals

    pollution the process by which water is made dirty and dangerous by the addition of chemicals

    poorly insulated houses houses which do not keep the temperature constant, which lose heat easily

    public health here, the ending of dangerous diseases

    pylon tall metal structure

    raising the threshold
    if you raise the threshold you increase the level after which something must happen

    processing things that have already been used - such as paper and bottles - so they can be used again

    renewable energy power from sources that do not get used up (unlike coal, oil or gas)

    pay back

    reservoir an artificial lake where water is stored
    romance novelist
    a writer of love stories

    rotation speed the speed at which something turns

    putting them in a position where they have to deal with a problem

    serving a debt means having enough money to pay back some of the interest and capital each month

    sewerage the system by which waste matter from wcs is take away in sewers and made safe

    sewage system the network of pipes and tunnels used to take waste water away

    shaft a rod that turns round to transfer power

    social engineering
    an attempt by the government to change the way people behave in order to create the type of society they want
    if you are stretched financially you have difficulty in living off the money you have

    transformer a piece of electrical equipment which changes the voltage of a current

    tuition fees
    money you pay for teaching you receive

    under construction being built

    unit part of a machine which has a particular purpose

    up-front fees
    money which must be paid before the start of the course

    water meters devices that enable water companies to know how much water you have used

    water table this happens when water doesn't rise to the surface but lies a metre or two below the surface

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